Transforming Education through Digital Excellence


When it comes to information technology, your school is every bit as complex as any large corporation, and your clients just as demanding.

Embracing change, sustaining innovation and constantly keeping ahead of the game is now both mandatory and highly challenging.

Welcome to The EduTec Alliance – helping individual schools and educational groups all over the world achieve excellence in their educational technology. And by technology, we’re not just talking about a few apps on a tablet but the full range of information technology systems that are the lifeblood of a school’s operation –  classroom, administration, finance and security – systems that must be well implemented and fully integrated to support you effectively.

What we do


The EduTec Alliance is a small global consulting company, solely focused on Digital and AI Transformation in the education sector. 

We help schools, school groups and school associations make the very best use of educational technology in a fragmented and sometimes confusing market. 

We created The EduTec Alliance in 2020 because of a profound belief that educational organisations deserve a tangible return on their edtech investments.  With recent advances in AI, we believe this more than ever. 

Anja Werthenbach Interview

Anja Werthenbach is the Educational Data Scientist at Collège du Léman in Switzerland. She has been pivotal in transforming educational approaches through data.

Anja talks about building a data culture.

COBIS Webinar

Two of the most overused buzzwords of 2023 were ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘AI’ – across all industry sectors. James draws on decades of practical experience to explain what they mean for schools and how they should be applied for maximum educational impact.  An attendee commented “This overview of the potential positive future of AI in education is just what is needed right now to cut through all the noise.”

COBIS Bursar Conference

Watch James’ presentation at the recent COBIS Conference for Bursars, Business Managers and HR Staff.The large audience indicates that data protection and cyber risk are key issues for schools right now.

Cross Industry Best Practice

The EduTec Alliance’s Cross Industry Best Practice (CIBP) benchmark for educational technology in schools now features a specific cyber-security measure.

All measures and rubrics are clearly explained.  Try it for yourself and let us know how you get on.

FireFly Chat

Glaucia and James discuss the importance of  ‘Taking Whole-School Engagement to a Higher Level’ with Rob Eastment of Firefly Learning.

COBIS Webinar

Watch Glaucia & James’  recent webinar for COBIS on ‘The Educational Technology Apocalypse And How To Avoid It’.

Warning: it has been described as “terrifying”

Outstanding Schools Conference

The EduTec Alliance present ‘Taking Back Control of Your Educational Technology’ at the Outstanding Schools European Conference


The EduTec Alliance is a breath of fresh air – their low key, but supportive approach means working with them feels much more like a partnership than a consultancy.  They have been instrumental in our school’s implementation of a brand new Apple environment and have given us the skills to tackle other major projects along the way. We couldn’t have done this work in the short time frame available to us, without their help.
Siobhain Allum, Head of Primary School

YK Pao School, Shanghai

Serving all schools

We believe that education is the most precious gift a child can receive, and educational technology can only improve the quality of that child’s education if it’s well implemented and well used.  Our focus is supporting our clients, but we realise that the vast majority of schools around the world will not be able to afford our services, however much they may benefit.  For this reason, we have committed to making all of our methods and training materials freely available on our website and YouTube channel. We are here both to help schools and help schools help themselves. We are here both to help schools and help schools help themselves.

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